Homesteaded in 1888, Lone Star Ranch was the beginning of what is now Wine Glass Ranch, Inc. and Open Country Adventures--A family operation dedicated to providing clients with professional and profitable management of cattle and natural resources.

Deep Roots & Modern Practices

When Sherman McCoy filed for a homestead in 1888, Nebraska was still part of the frontier. Having left Iowa by train, he walked the last 30 miles from the western most stop at Elsie, Nebraska to what is now the headquarters of the Wine Glass Ranch.

He and his wife raised five children on the ranch, weathering drought and plagues of grasshoppers. Through good stewardship and thrifty living, the operation grew to almost 8,000 acres under his care.

Nebraska is still big, open, friendly country. Successive generations have continued the tradition of stewardship, farming and ranching. Through storms, droughts, depressions, and other challenges, the operation has grown and prospered. Modern equipment, techniques and management have enabled production that was unimaginable in Sherman's day, but the principal remains the same -- careful, sustainable, progressive management of a precious resource.

Wine Glass Ranch, Inc. has grown from humble beginnings to many more abundant acres of crops, rangeland and wildlife habitat.

The current operation includes farming, ranching, cattle management services and natural resource management.

For landowners, Wine Glass Ranch offers farm, ranch and natural resource management.

For cattle owners and investors, Wine Glass Ranch offers a vast array of cattle management services, and offer select opportunities to own bred females from our herd.